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Welcome to Evolution Yoga and Wellness

Evolution Yoga and Wellness will be closed between 12:00 noon February 23rd  and 12:00 noon March 1st. 2016.
 Regular 4:30 P.M. Yoga class will resume on March 1st. Thank you !
                  It’s almost time to say good-bye.
Evolution Yoga and Wellness will be closing it’s doors at the end of April 2016.                                                          Susie (Border-collie/hound and Heli’s best friend) and Heli (me) will be starting a 2000 km walk from Campbellford, Ontario to Newfoundland. It will be a Spirit Walk or Vision Quest or any other name you might like for ‘going to the center of the self’.
I have loved my years here teaching Yoga and Meditation and other metaphysical skills and disciplines. It’s been wonderful !
Now….if you would still like to book a Lomilomi treatment, I am available until April but time slots are filling up so call soon.
Also, in order to prepare for the walk I am letting go of Wednesday evening and Thursday classes.
Thank you all so much for a great time and so many wonderful experiences!
Happy Holiday and many thanks for a wonderful year!

Happy Holiday and many thanks for a wonderful year!

Yoga classes will resume on January 5th. 2016.

Meditation classes will be ongoing as none of us can bear to miss a class!

Happy Solstice ! Merry Christmas! Happy New year!        May whatever you celebrate bring joy into your heart.


Beginning October 2015 Date TBA.                   Register now for “Introduction to Yoga, full-body relaxation and still, silent Meditation.               Monday 9:30-11:00 A.M.                                                   See ‘classes’ page for details.
Tow Hill Roadforest at night 3This is how I see meditation (and life in general).   We are walking through a dark forest with a flashlight. We know that there is much more to the forest than what we see in the beam of our flashlight but it’s not easy to truly ‘see’ it until there is light. Nothing in the forest is ‘good’ or’ bad’. 
It is what it is……. perfect and as it should be.
Our journey is one of discovery and illumination.
Silent, still meditation  unveils our own inner light, increases its glow and allows us to see so much more of our ourselves and our reality.


Monday evening 7:30 P.M. -8:45 P.M. Silent meditation (30 minutes) preceded by gentle stretching and relaxation  including Yogic and Hawaiian breathing techniques.

Wednesday morning 10:00 A.M. – 11:30 A.M. with Vikki Langelier – 40-45 minutes silent meditation preceded and followed by Vikki Langelier’s  Zen teachings.

Rumi quote

Yoga All Summer Long!! Drop in or sign up for full sessions.



Are you intimidated by Yoga book covers that feature such advanced poses that you can’t even imagine trying them? Are you a full figure person who thinks “I can’t do any of this until I lose weight”? Do you have painful joints or chronic illness? Well, Yoga is for everyone and that includes you!
Come find out how good you can feel.
4 week introductory session.

Starts Thursday evening July 17th. 2014 at 7:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.

Update: This is now an on-going class.

Qigong is coming to Campbellford again!   
 We are hoping to re-start our Qigong classes after Christmas. Many  thanks to Joy Cameron for her wonderful lunch-hour classes.
A class of 8 or nine students would be a perfect number so please get in touch if you would like to be included (705 632-1835)
If your knowledge of Qigong is very limited (or even non-existent) you will find the address below is helpful. Qigong is explained in some detail including its relationship to other movement/energy modalities such as Tai Chi.    
Come and find out for yourself that Qigong can improve your health and general state of well-being.
Water,  rocks, air and sunlight. What a wonderful combination.! Summer has come and gone in the blink of an eye. 


Bancroft 025It’s time to think about returning to our ‘regular-life’ schedule and what better way than to flow into healthy habits. Classes at Evolution Yoga and Wellness are on-going.Summer has been a great time but soon the studio will be kept warm by a wood stove instead of sunlight. The shared energy of like-minded people working toward wellness is an equally warming thought. Yoga is for every ‘body’. We are all unique and the small class sizes at Evolution Yoga and Wellness allow for individualized attention. Modifications can be made for every student. Classes are available morning, afternoon and evening.



Summer solstice walk 2014 002 Summer solstice walk 2014 003

Good morning Summer! 
Yesterday at 6:00 A.M. Susie and I headed out to greet the ‘summer’ sun. We stopped for Susie to get a drink from a very friendly tree that gathers rainwater. Part of the morning ritual is to say ‘good morning’ and ‘thank you’ to the earth, to the river, to the sun, to the air and also thank the trees, rocks and all our forest relations for allowing us to share the beautiful space. 
Ho’oponopono and 30 ‘HA’ breaths are part of the ritual. It’s a wonderful way to start each day. We get grounded, we share good times and we get in sync with our planet.
How about you? How do you start your day? 
Everyone has their own way and I’d love to hear about yours. 

Summer solstice walk 2014 005

Hope you enjoyed your Summer Solstice Saturday!


NEW CLASS BEGINS TUESDAY APRIL 29th. Core strength is a fabulous thing to have! Come out on Tuesday nights at 7:00 P.M. for a traditional Yoga class that offers challenge as well as support.    1 1/2 hours.


Doggy foots

Are you ready to have an experience that’s out of the ordinary?

Come and meet us at 1041 County Road 38, Campbellford.

 ‘Evolution Yoga and Wellness’ is hosting its third fun day  

Sunday, April 27th   10:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Bring a photograph of your pet so that Janice Gannon can take a look and ‘read your pet’s aura’.

Take a deep breath, relax and feel what the ancient Hawaiian healing art of Lomilomi can do for you. Sit back and enjoy a Shiatsu treatment!

Heli Bucek and Janice Gannon are happy to donate their time and skills.

We are asking for donations (of any size) and all proceeds from our April fun day will go to Campbellford Memorial Hospital.

We will be making this a monthly event with proceeds always going to community projects.

                         Please call in advance for a time slot!



Leaping dolphins

Have you experienced a deep feeling of awakening…………a sense that the world is suddenly ‘different’?

Everything is exactly as it should be. There is no inner judgment of self or others.

Colours sparkle and present themselves in 3D. The air is alive.

(You have not taken any drugs)

There is ‘awe’ and also ‘ahhhhh’. You feel deeply joyful and alive.

 Perhaps this state lasted only a few minutes or perhaps it lasted a few months.(Or longer?)

Come and join others who can relate to what you have felt.


Vikki Langlier will hold a special workshop on Wednesday evening May 7th. 2014   

from 7:00 P. M. to 9:30. hosted by Heli Bucek.

There is no fee. Donations would be welcome.

Come and share your own sense of wonder.

Please call ahead if you intend to participate. Tel: 705 632-1835



Sharon Davison

Mindfulness Workshop with Sharon Davidson.May 24th. 2014

Growing in Mindfulness: a day retreat

The Art of Mindful Presence

The Science of the Mind

Mindfulness and Meditation Practices

Benefits (including stress reduction)

Being mindful in each moment we can experience a sense of spaciousness and bounty in life that is often undiscovered, overlooked or has been forgotten. Mindfulness, meditation and other reflective practices can help us grow the energy of mindfulness for enjoying life, accepting and being with our experiences, and transforming the busy mind and tense body that magnifies our stress. Mindfulness can also become a gateway to the spiritual and contemplative life if we choose to deepen our inner landscape.

We might have heard mindfulness described in numerous ways and would like to know more. During this one-day retreat learn about mindfulness, practice together with others, and discover how formal and informal mindfulness can impact and benefit you.

Date: Saturday May 24, 9:30 – 4pm

Location: 1041 County Road 38, RR2, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0

Cost: $79  (pot-luck lunch)

Registration in advance with Evolution Yoga and Wellness is required. or (705) 632-1835

Learn, practice and grow in Mindfulness with Sharon Davison

Sharon E. Davison is an Adult Educator (B.Ed. Adult), coach, and meditation practitioner.

In 2011 she completed professional training under the direction of Dr. Jon Kabit-Zinn and Dr. Saki Santorelli, of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society at Massachusetts Medical. Sharon has received instruction from Meditation Masters such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche, Lama Lena (Yeshe Katyup) and the 17th Karmapa.

Sharon is a graduate of the Inter-Professional Certificate Program in Applied Mindfulness Meditation from the University of Toronto’s Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work. She will be joining the faculty of this program in the fall of 2014 in the ‘Mind at Work’ stream. Sharon teaches the Mindful Living Course and leads retreats in communities across Ontario as well as partnering with clients for Purposeful, Mindfulness or Money Coaching.



What workshops would you like to have at Evolution Yoga and Wellness?

Call me at 705 632-1835 or leave a message on the facebook page.


Our Fun Day was a big success!! Today I went shopping with the generous donations which filled the “Fare Share Community Food Bank’ container at Sharpe’s market. Thanks to everyone who came out !


‘Evolution Yoga and Wellness’ is hosting another fun day  

Sunday, March 23rd.  10:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Bring a photograph of your pet so that Janice Gannon can take a look and ‘read your pet’s aura’.

Take a deep breath, relax and feel what the ancient Hawaiian healing art of Lomilomi can do for you.

Sit back and enjoy a Shiatsu treatment!

Heli Bucek and Janice Gannon are happy to donate their time and skills.

We are asking for donations (of any size). All proceeds from the March fun day will go to our own community’s ‘Fair Share’ Food Bank

This is a monthly event with proceeds always going to community projects.

 Please call in advance for a time slot.  705-632-1835


 Guided meditation – begins Monday evening , March 24th. from 7:40 P.M. to 8:40 P.M.

see :


1St Degree Reiki Course with Andrea Connell- Takes place on Spring Equinox!

Phase 1 of 1st Degree Friday March 21st, 2014 7:00P.M.  - 10:00 P.M.

Sat.    March 22nd,        10:00A.M – 4:00 P.M.   -        cost:  $200.00

Phase 2 of 1st Degree -dates will be decided together as a group to happen approx. 6 weeks later. cost  $200.00

Class Description:

1st Degree Reiki Certification Program

Reiki 1st Degree is open to anyone with an interest in self healing, personal growth and development. It is a blessing to yourself, a gift of peace and harmony that you learn to hold in your own hands for your own benefit.Consider this course only if you have a personal desire to bring change into your life and as a way to heal your relationships with others and the world around you.

In 1st Degree you will learn the history, hand positions for treating self and others, and the philosophy of Reiki. You will receive 4 attunements to Reiki and 2 full treatments. You will also learn to feel energy and develop greater sensitivity to it.

You will learn how to give and practice giving treatments to yourself and others with faith and confidence.

Discover Yourself With Reiki 1st Degree!


Cleansing. What do you think about it?

Through my years of teaching and practicing Yoga I have done many cleanses including ‘water only’ fasting. In my youth I would fast for up to seven days. The first few times felt terrible but as my body adjusted it did become much easier. That being said, would I do a 7 day water fast now?      No.

Now I cleanse and support my body at the same time. I use Isagenix because  it is an excellent product and I proved it for myself. I feel Isagenix is a gift and it’s one worth sharing.

What did I get from my last Isagenix Cleanse?

  • I am lighter (literally and metaphorically)
  • My energy level went up and remained up even through this long, hard winter.
  • Arthritis is no longer bothering me.(Hips, knees and fingers had been sore for several years. Now there is no soreness)
  • I haven’t been ill (at all) since I began using Isagenix in September of 2013.
  • My lean muscle mass has increased and body shape has changed.
  • My skin has improved.

 Next (personal) 30 day cleanse date is March 27th. 2014.

Want to join me?


What a great time we had over the week-end raising money for the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program.

Folks came from Toronto , Warkworth, Peterborough, Trenton  and Campbellford to have some fun getting their pet’s aura read, having mini Lomilomi treatments and mini Shiatsu treatments.

Big ‘Thank you’ to all those that participated!

If you missed out, don’t worry we will do it all again for another community project’s benefit next month.





Stay Warm!

Are you ready to have some fun?
Bring pictures of your pet and Janice Gannon will read his or her Aura. Then treat yourself to a mini Lomilomi or Shiatsu treatment. (20 minutes)
Heli Bucek delivers a gentle but effective Lomilomi! (Hard to explain which is why we want to share this! Wear loose, comfortable clothing and just be prepared to go ‘ahhhhhhh’)
There’s no charge. We want you to have a new experience and get to know us. If you’d like to give a donation it will go directly to support our local St. John Ambulance Therapy dog program.
Why? Because the program is awesome!
The day is Saturday, February 15th. 2014 10:30 to 5:00 P.M.
Please call for a time slot. It will all work better that way! 705 632-1835


It’s time to put stars on your calendar!


             Starting Wednesday February 5th2014 -5 Week Shamanic Series with Andrea Connell

Introduction to Shamanic Realms of Consciousness

In this first class we’ll meet the drum and our  power animals. We will learn ways to access shamanic consciousness to gain confidence and great personal insights. In each of the following weeks we will journey with our power animals to discover the other natural realms and explore our natural talents and gifts.

Crystals and Stones; The Record Keepers

We’ll explore various crystals and stones that can help us maintain strong energy fields, access various states of consciousness, and protect us from negative influences. Learn how to “power up ” with these allies and how to keep them clear.

Animal Medicine and Messages

In this class we will discover the various messages and ‘medicines’ that our animal friends have to share and convey with us through their unusual behaviour. This course will enrich your daily life with new insightful awareness of the creatures we share our planet with.

Wisdom and Power of the 5 Elements

People are comprised of the same 5 elements that make up the world and environment we live in. Learn the significance of these natural forces and how to achieve a better working balance with them  in daily life.

Shamanic Journeying to Realms of Consciousness

Through Shamanic Journeying with the aid of the Shaman’s Drum we will learn to access our consciousness by traveling to lower, middle and upper worlds of experiences that will ultimately help us engage with our inner child, uninhibited truth and our natural inherent wisdom.

$250. In advance for all 5 classes or $55.00 per class. Each class is 3 hours in length.

Saturday, February 8th. 2014 Andrea Connell presents the Visionary Tarot Workshop.

Full day only $45.00 per person. Bring magazines for cutting and pasting.(Only one spot remaining, book now if you interested in attending)

Sunday, February 9th. The Number Genie, Jeanne Thompson  presents a 3 hour numerology workshop- ($40.00)  followed by pre-booked private numerology readings. Jeanne will be available until 7 P.M. following the workshop.

Private readings are discounted  to $50.00 per one hour session (which includes recording) for those who are attending the workshop. Regular price is $60.00 per session.

See Special Events page!

Join Jeanne L. Thompson, nationally recognized Numerologist and Psychic Counsellor as she guides you through an introduction to the science of numbers and their hidden meanings. Learn more about the lessons you came into this life to learn, your soul’s purpose and why you are here. Fee $40 Per person

Duration 3 hrs February 9TH. 2014 START STIME 10:30 A.M. See:

Book a private session with Jeanne after the workshop and receive 10 dollars off. The private sessions are recorded. Information is gleaned from your personal numerology, intuitive, tarot and energy cards in order to get the full spectrum  of where you are at the moment.

Fresh and New 2014 A YEAR TO SHINE AND THRIVE !!

I’m so excited about this coming year!  Tomorrow I am starting an Isogenix 30 day cleanse which always feels wonderful. 2014 is a year for joyful discipline. My intention is to enjoy working toward optimum health and I invite you to join me. It’s difficult to go it alone so let’s work together. We can lose weight (if that’s a goal) . We can work toward healing emotional wounds. We can reach for our healthiest self ever.

This year I will be offering Lomilomi and incorporating the use of sacred geometry which is something that is so easy and enjoyable to work with.

We will be hosting fund raisers which will introduce modalities such as Lomilomi, Shiatsu and Reiki to those who have not yet tried them and at the same time having some fun reading pet’s auras. Dates will be posted.

Numerology workshops and ‘couples yoga’ workshops are all being planned.

Our Wednesday evening De-stress workshops have been fantastic ! There’s nothing like group energy to add a sense of fun and support. We practiced the  ABC’s of “Emergency Anxiety Control”. We shared tactics and tools for releasing stress and we had a good time.

Our evenings included guided meditation, specific breathing techniques, stretches and energizing movements plus laughter and chatter and even a ‘talking stick’ to aid in practicing communication skills.

Several participants enjoyed a Lomilomi treatment either before or after class.

Next de-stress workshop is January 8th. 6:45 to 8:00 P.M. with two 40 minute Lomilomi spots available. (One before class and one after)

Yoga classes and treatments are booking now.


Some thoughts on healing emotional wounds and Lomilomi.

My first experience with Lomilomi was life changing.

I realize that this statement is rather dramatic, but in my case it was true.

What happened?

I became aware that I was a person in my own right. I was ‘Heli’ (…not ‘Heli the daughter’, ‘Heli the sister’, ‘Heli the wife’, the nurse, the mother, the friend or the enemy).

I was enough and it was enough to just BE… and I felt this enoughness within the core of my being. The deep inner wound of feeling that I am not enough, no matter what I did or what I accomplished began to heal. So I embarked on the journey of studying the traditional Hawaiian approach to bodywork called Lomilomi and was blessed with having Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim and Sila Jim as my teachers.

As a nurse and an energy worker it’s natural for me to think in terms of wounds and the healing of wounds. Whether we are dealing with the physical body or the emotional body there is a process involved. Time, safe space and positive intention are all required.

Wounds need to be identified, assessed, cleaned and treated appropriately. The process can be challenging and it will most certainly take time but ignoring the wound, leaving it dirty and unprotected will likely not result in optimal healing.

You may think that it’s easy to assess a physical injury but often that is not the case. How deep is the wound? Is there debris buried deeper than the eye can see? Are there underlying conditions that need to be identified? Is there infection or inflammation present? What was the root cause of the injury? Is it likely to happen again? These are all valid questions and need to be addressed.

Gravel and dirt imbedded in ‘road rash’ are obvious. But it’s not so easy to flush out that tiny piece of bacteria- laden foreign body at the root of an abscess.

Emotional wounds are no different. They can be deep and well hidden .Their healing can be impeded by the emotional debris of non-forgiveness, harsh self-judgment and the inability to accept and internalize gratitude. Fear can block the emotional healing process just as surely as dead tissue can stop the healing of a serious burn.

Energy work such as Lomilomi holds the premise that the body, mind and spirit all participate in the opportunity for healing. The physical body and the emotional body are provided with a safe space where healing can occur when intention and time converge. The facilitator holds space and supports while acting as witness to the process.

The tools of Lomilomi are: creation of space in the body through gravity and breath, the process of ‘bone washing’ (clearing the periosteum) to release memory of physical and emotional pain and ‘Laulima’ or ‘laying of hands’. The ‘HA-breath is used to direct stagnation out of the body.

I personally love Lomilomi and am grateful for the opportunity to work with this amazing traditional approach to bodywork medicine.

That being said, I am not suggesting that I would be your healer. We are all our own healers.

What we can offer each other is support and an open heart. We can breathe deeply and allow ourselves to shine while we live in peace and ease and grace.


Give a truly special gift to someone you love…. including yourself !
Private Yoga classes  $30.00
(Purchase one class and receive a complimentary class for yourself)
Lomilomi treatment  $60.00
(Purchase one treatment and receive a complimentary treatment for yourself)
Reiki $60.00
Shiatsu $60.00
Introductory Mini Treatments are also available ($20.00 for 20 minutes)
Workshops - range from $15.00-$85.00

What a great time we had yesterday evening doing a ‘de-stress’, hands-on, mini-workshop. Three more people have now experienced a taste of Lomilomi !
Next week we will do it again!
Wednesday 6:45- 8:00 P.M. Talk, stretch, breathe, energize. Learn to de-stress! $10.00 for workshop
Call in advance to book a mini- Lomilomi  for either before or after the workshop ($20.00) 4 time slots available.

Learning to forgive is a huge part of creating a life that is full of joy instead of grief and anxiety.

I have studied with Kahuna Harry Jim and found his teachings to be simple and so easily applicable to every day life!

Please watch and share!

Forgiveness.  The simplicity and grace of Ho’oponopono must be experienced. It is a simple practice with profound effects.


While we are alive on this planet, let’s thrive and not just survive!

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 27th. from 6:45 to 8:00 P.M. (workshop)

We all have issues and challenges…. so what can we do to help ourselves live in a state of joy and enthusiasm ? How can we reach optimum health and wellness ? How can we reduce stress and increase our energy and sense of well being?

Everyone is different but there are a few things that are basic:

We need clean air to breathe and fresh water to drink. We need sunshine and high quality nutrients. We need to allow our bodies to move.

We can work together to learn to breathe more effectively, move more freely and reduce tension and pain through combining and customizing yoga, qigong and gentle dance movements. Group energy gives a special lift so come with a friend and share!

Healing Arts such as Lomilomi, Reiki and Shiatsu can help release long buried emotional  trauma through breath and ‘hands on’ techniques. These modalities need to be experienced. They cannot be adequately described in words.

Come and learn more.  Try a mini-treatment to see what might suit you.

Treatments are by appointment.

                        Workshop-$10.00                           Mini-treatments $20.00/ 20 minutes

Yoga, Qigong, hiking and Isagenix have helped me feel healthier, sleep better, feel more energized and even think a little clearer.  With the support of regular exercise and high quality nutrition even 62 year old bodies can be strong and flexible. ...and NO, the Wheel is not part of the Wednesday program (:

Yoga, Qigong, hiking and Isagenix have helped me feel healthier, sleep better, feel more energized and even think a little clearer.
With the support of regular exercise and high quality nutrition even 62 year old bodies can be strong and flexible. …and NO, the Wheel is not part of the Wednesday program (:



Andrea’s workshop was Fantastic. Don’t miss the next Special Event.

December 15th.Sacred Rituals. 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. cost 85.00

(Events listing for more details)

                                                                         SPECIAL EVENT

                       Sunday November 17th 2013 full day workshop 10:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. cost $85.00

  • Energy Anatomy: The body is comprised of various energy flows and currents. In this course we will learn to identify,  sense and understand what some of these currents are and how to access them for healing and creating balance.



Messages of the Body

Sunday, October 20th. 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. with Andrea Connell.

$85.00 for full day workshop.

 Our body is a messenger of information and symbols that relay to us a minute by minute story of what is happening in our lives. Each body part and system has specific messages to relate to help us move forward with grace and confidence. Learn what your body is trying to tell you.


 ’Sacred Geometry – Healing with The Platonic Solids’ 

Presented by Andrea Connell 

Sacred Geometry sits at the foundation of everything in our physical reality. Join us in this introductory 3 hour course that will help you understand what Sacred Geometry truly is and how it affects you. Learn how all matter in our world is constructed with 5 basic geometrical shapes – otherwise known as the Platonic Solids, the mathematical precision of the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence.

Sacred Geometry presents us with the basic building blocks of our lives, our health and our spiritual existence on Earth. By learning to understand how to experience this phenomena in everyday life we learn how to experience life in a fundamentally sacred way. No metaphysical study is complete without inquiry into Sacred Geometry it is after all the beginning principle to all things manifest.

We will use discussion, meditation and visualizations to practice building our relationship to the Sacred Geometry of our lives.

Wednesday October 2nd. followed by the 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th and November 6th.

October 2nd was an amazing evening!

Full series in advance $300.00 or $55.00 per workshop


New Event Listing- ‘Tarot and Tea’ with Sylvia- Booking  Friday afternoon appointments.